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Where To Visit

Aroostook County, Incorporated in 1839, is divided into four distinct regions, each with its own unique geography and culture. The area of Aroostook is more than one fifth of the area of the State of Maine. The vast majority of the region's population lives within 30 miles (48 Km) from the New Brunswick, Canada border to the east. Ten percent of this vast area consists of cultivated farmland and is located in the more populated areas of the County. The remainder of the county consists of working forest or its majestic lakes, rivers and streams. Aroostook is home to some of the most beautiful small towns in America. The county's population just under 74,000, there are on average only 11.1 people per every square mile. However it is the people and culture of Aroostook that truly makes it special.

St. John Valley
Located at the northern tip of the State of Maine, this region borders the provinces of Quebec and New Brunswick, Canada. This beautiful river valley is home to approximately 15,000 US residents with another 40,000 living in communities in Canada. Read More >>

Central Aroostook
The Hub of the County, central Aroostook is home to the two largest communities in the region and serves as the major retail center. Read More >>

Southern Aroostook
Serving as The Gateway to the Crown of Maine, Southern Aroostook is home to some of the most scenic views the region has to offer. Read More >>

Western Aroostook
The Route 11 corridor defines the western boundary of civilization in the County. As you travel north from Patten to the St. John Valley you will understand what a sea of trees looks like as the forest extends as far as the eye can see. Read More >>