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Aroostook, named from a Native American word meaning “Beautiful River” is aptly nicknamed the “The Crown of Maine” partly because of its geographic location but more because of the breathtaking experiences that await you. Known by several different names, including, “The Last Frontier of the East” or by many Mainers as just “The County,” Northern Maine instills memories that not even time can fade.

Bordering the provinces of Quebec and New Brunswick, geographically it is the largest county east of the Mississippi and in fact is larger than the States of Rhode Island and Connecticut combined.

Our storybook towns, vast natural wonders, uniquely sophisticated cuisine, diverse cultures and a history that truly did help shape the United States of America are just some of the jewels to experience.

We invite you to explore our corner of the world.

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World Acadian Congress Audio Tour

Even though the World Acadian Congress is over you can still experience the online audio tour consisting of 45 unavoidable attractions.

Online audio tour: Let us guide you!
The audio circuit consists of 45 capsules bringing to the foreground 15 attractions in each region, that is to say, Témiscouata, Québec, northwestern New Brunswick and northern Aroostook County, Maine. Setting their own pace, the people will learn about the culture, the fascinating history of this Acadian region, and the links between these three regions. Landmarks will include three historic forts, restored railway stations, parks and golf courses. Wonderful surprises await you!

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